That’s a wrap! Commonality Benefit 2016

We had another successful event with Commonality’s annual benefit show “+3, Quartets” This years charity was the Senior Citizens Meals on Wheels! Thanks to Commonality’s company, our guest choreographers, dancers and a sold out audience for coming and supporting our company and our charity, and look for us in 2017! Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 11.39.07 PM

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Just finished Commonality’s 2015 Benefit Show!

Commonality Benefit March 2015

This was the closing of Commonality’s 2015 Benefit Show which was a huge success! Im so proud to be in the company of such amazing artists and a supporting audience, thank you so much everyone for the love!

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Adam Parson

Update on Benson Meoli

JANUARY 5, 2014



Last year after class, dancer Masha Balovlenkov told us about Benson Meouli, a 8 year old boy she met in Africa, whose spine was growing out of his back!  He could barely walk, sleeping was near impossible due to the excruciating pain of lying down, and he lived in a shelter. Not the four walls, beds and toilet kind of shelter either.  Masha instantly connected with Benson, and her fierce devotion drove her to seek out people who could help him live a better life. She emailed every not- for-profit she could find to ask for information and after months of research, she found, Dr Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, MD from the New York Hospital for Special Surgery, who offered to do the $80,000 operation, FOR FREE!  This, she told us changed Benson’s life forever, but was not the end of this story, for when he returned to Nairobi, his space in the shelter was given to another child who had been on the street.  Masha found a school in Massachusetts that offered to give him a full scholarship until 12th grade as long as she could get him there. That was what COMMONALITY’S Benefit show last year was for and were happy to say, we raised $2000 to help cover school supplies, boarding, food, uniforms, and all the things Benson needs to do a great job in school.  It also helps with the medicine and continued therapy he is getting to make sure he heals properly.

Here is Masha’s latest update on Benson!

“Benson just finished his first year of primary school.  He got great grades, finishing with all A’s and B’s.  His top marks were in math and science and he still wants to be a doctor, like the ones who fixed his back.  When he is not at school, he lives at Hope Village ( with 5 other children, where generous donations pay for his meals and enable him to eat meat 4x a week (a luxury in Tanzania).  He also just had his follow up for surgery and his back looks fantastic.  He is running and jumping and even playing soccer.  Now that he has one year of schooling and has proven himself with good grades, the process to start transferring him to Philips Andover in Massachusetts can begin.”

Smiles, MashaMasha and Benson in Kenay
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